Le Havre : les jardins de l'Hôtel de Ville

Green city

Le Havre : le square Saint-Roch

The image of the reconstruction based on the use of the concrete leads to forget a little bit fast that Le Havre is also a green city, rich in a forest (Montgeon), in Hanging gardens or still in a park (Rouelles) without forgetting numerous public gardens (St Roch, Erignac, Holker) frequented by families, sportsmen but also tourists. Certified " City and decorated with flowers villages ", Le Havre counts in quite 96 parks, gardens and public gardens.

Set back, situated on what the inhabitants of Le Havre call " the coast ", the Carmel confronted with a real estate project bringing numerous nuisances to its monastic life, transformed this harmfulness into a positive project, by creating from a dialogue with the landscape architect Samuel Craquelin and two artists Chantal Giraud, plastic, and Jean-Pierre Lartisien, sculptor, a garden of the silence, the place of meditation, reflection, pondering over the fact that can be the beauty of the nature as the life far from the tumult and the excitement of the port and the city. The visitor, some are its convictions, is there welcome. He finds here a moment of peace, peace of mind, being confronted with stages rich in symbols.

Le Havre : le jardin du Silence
Le Havre : les Jardins Suspendus sont à découvrir lors de votre séjour au Havre

Hanging gardens fitted out in a former fort dating the XIXth century have for main thread the evocation of the journey of plants through the oceans. The visitor can discover it 3000 species as well as two groups of greenhouses. Their geographical situation in fact a place of exception offering a panorama on the sea, the estuary of the Seine and the reconstructed city.

Le Havre : les Jardins Suspendus, lieu d'exception et de détente
Le Havre : le Jardin Japonais scelle le jumelage des ports d'Osaka et du Havre

Realized in 1992, and conceived by the landscape painter Yasuko Miyamae and the Norman architect Samuel Craquelin, it symbolizes, in the biggest tradition of the ancestral rites, the union of ports coupled by Le Havre and by Osaka. So, both rivers symbolize the story of both ports, the pond evokes the union of both oceans and the shingle beach reproduces as before that of Le Havre. As for stony lanterns, they embody the divine light and represent the mutual enrichment of both cultures. Everything hints at the meeting between both worlds. Opened to the guided tour only, according to calendar.

Le Havre : la forêt de Montgeon, véritable poumon vert du Havre

The forest of Montgeon offers you 270 ha from forest to full city. Real leisure center, it is an ideal place to relax and benefit of the nature grace, in particular, its arboretum of conifers created in 1993. The proposed activities go of the course health to the MOUNTAIN BIKE including the ride, the cyclo-cross, the orienteering race... In summer, the Pole Montgeon allows you to rent for the equipment of leisure.

The park of Rouelles, at the exit of Le Havre, is a park of 160 ha of meadows, wood, gardens, lakes and brooks offer a spectacular frame to the manor house of Bouteillerie and its dovecote of the 17th century. An ideal frame for the young parents and the joggers. On heights, the park extends by an arboretum of more than 250 species of broad-leaved trees.

Le Havre : le parc de Rouelles