Le Havre et le café sont étroitement liés

Behind the scenes of companies

Le Havre : le centre de maintenance du Tramway se visite à dates précises

Industrial tourism entails visits by the public of sites demonstrating skills and expertise from yesteryear (focusing on heritage), the present (business) or the future (science and research).
Le Havre metropole has a wide range of companies, some of which are flagships of French industry. They contribute to the territory’s appeal and influence.

Registration necessary for all visits

Brûlerie du Havre de Grâce

The art of coffee roasting, and how to recognise, compare and taste coffee.

The EDF power station

Discover the coal yard, the 241-metre high chimneys, production and evacuation of electricity, how the smoke is treated, and more.

Le Havre port

From historical heritage (docks, shape of the dry dock, etc. ) to the Port 2000 terminals.

The Tramway Maintenance Centre

The control tower of your  tramway trips (visit the operations centre and workshop).

Du port à EDF, les thématiques de visites sont variées
Le pont de Normandie n'aura plus aucun secret pour vous

Le Havre-Octeville airport

How it works and the services it provides.

The Normandy bridge

Cables, guys, pylons, the deck...all will be revealed.

Programme des visites 2019

Découvrez la programmation des Coulisses de l’entreprise 2019 dans notre agenda ou téléchargez ici le dépliant complet !

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