Faîtes vos courses au Havre, nos marchés vous accueillent !

The markets

Le Havre markets have an atmosphere that rivals Provence markets, so dear to Gilbert Bécaud.

Marchés du Havre

Saint-François, quai de l’Île

Fish market, 7/7 (except storm warning) from 9am till 7.30pm


Avenue René Coty. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 7.30am till 1.30pm

Place des Halles Centrales

Sunday from 9am till 1pm

To know more about all the places and the schedules of the weekly markets of Le Havre, click here! 



Two open-air markets are held on Thursday mornings from 8 am to 1 pm in the city center and on Tuesday afternoons from 3 to 6:30 pm at the Belle-Etoile shopping center.


The Sunday market

Since 1910, the Harfleur market is a real institution. Renowned throughout the city, it represents a place of conviviality, exchange, and diversity of products with nearly 100 window dressers.

Located in the city center (from Place Victor Hugo to Place d'Armes via Jehan de Grouchy Street), it is surrounded by parking allowing easy and pleasant access by the various soft roads developed in recent years.

Every Sunday from 8h to 13h - Information on 02 35 13 30 00

The Beaulieu market

Located on Place Guy de Maupassant since September 22, 2016, this small market week is very convenient for the inhabitants of Beaulieu (although everyone is welcome!).

Every Thursday, on the Place Guy de Maupassant, located on the alley that runs along the shops, the fishmonger, cheese maker and rotisserie stalls allow visitors to fill their baskets with fresh and quality products.

Every Thursday from 8h to 12h


This market is held all year on Sunday from 8h to 13h


Wednesday morning


Thursday morning




The Saturday