Le Havre : Eugène Boudin étude de ciel sur le bassin du commerce

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Discover Le Havre and Sainte Adresse through the eyes of the biggest painters : Monet, Boudin, Pissarro Dufy, Marquet et Friesz…

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Walk in the steps of Monet, Sausage, Pissarro, Marquet, Friesz, Dufy, Lynch and discover, under another angle, the mythical places of the Modern Art thanks to the application Le Havre Impressionnist and Fauve.

Essential companion of your stay, the Le Havre Impressionnist and Fauve application notifies you when you pass near a view of Le Havre or Sainte Adresse having inspired these big artists.

You can listen to the history of the picture while zooming on its reproduction, to discover anecdotes on the painter and on the city...

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And if you feel artist's soul, why not to participate in the challenge " Equal the painters ". Here, you post your photos of the views of the city painted by these famous artists and you confront, not only to the great masters, but especially to the other amateurs!

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