Greeters Le Havre

Greeters Le Havre

Greeters Le Havre – Experience Le Havre other way

L'équipe des Greeters Le Havre

It is in this spirit that the idea of the 'greeters' was conceived. Their aim is to introduce tourists over one (or several) days to what they find so special about the 'Ocean Gateway' city. Far from being a specific guided and researched historical tour, it is more of an exploration and communication of their own view of the city.

The tourist becomes a friend with whom the greeter would like to share how the city has changed, as well as their favourite places and spots - which may sometimes be areas off the beaten track. The initiative was a private one to start with, but has now been endorsed by the Tourist Office. The process is free and simple to use. Just visit the website and read the profiles of the dozen or so recommended 'greeters'. Each has their own characteristics, areas of special interest and ability with a foreign language. A choice can be made by filling in the form.


This initiative began in New York at the start of the 90s and has not stopped growing since then. The number of 'greeters' in France is nearly 1,200, spread over 35 cities, and all driven by the same desire to share their enthusiasm. Each one has signed the Tourist Office's charter and is committed to its compliance. The charter defines the parameters within which the tours should take place.

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