Le Havre : "Catène de Containers", oeuvre signée Vincent Ganivet

A summer in Le Havre

2017:  Le Havre ceLeBrates 500 years since its royaL foundation. The ‘Un été au Havre 2017’ celebrations, running from May to November, are a chance to discover or re-discover this modern, bold, outward-looking ‘city port’ and UNESCO World Heritage site

"Un Été au Havre" pour célébrer le 500ème anniversaire de la ville du Havre

A full and wide-ranging programme of events will showcase the city’s key characteristics and explore all aspects of its architecture, culture and maritime history. Even though Le Havre is now seen as a great urban experiment, it still retains some small gems from past centuries - rare and precious examples illustrating its history and development. They will house insightful and comprehensive exhibitions concerning the part played by the city throughout history.

Modern Le Havre will be handed over to the artists. Artists chosen by Jean Blaise will take over spaces and play with the architectural geometry of the ‘Ocean Gateway’ city in order to show that Le Havre still remains to this day the inspirational location for painters, musicians, writers and film-makers that it was in the past. 

‘Un été au Havre 2017’ will be 5 months’ worth of festivities, new experiences,  exhibitions and events all based on this city’s roots - a city which architects such as Perret, Niemeyer, Gillet, Nouvel and Chemetoff, amongst others, have enshrined in the modern era. This is a Le Havre where water is ever-present - even in the city centre due to the historic docks of the old commercial port. It is a city filled with exceptional light, panoramic vistas and views across to the horizon. A Pierre et Gilles retrospective takes place at the MuMa, before Claude Monet’s masterpiece ‘Impression, Sunrise’ returns to the museum for one month and to the location which inspired its creation. 

The ‘Royal de Luxe’ returns to its beloved city, and there will be a poetic staging depicting the maritime heritage of the transatlantic operators, as well as the maiden voyage of the MSC Méraviglia, the historic Le Havre - New York transatlantic crossing on board the legendary cruise ship the Queen Mary 2 and the final stage of the Tall Ships Race at the end of August, before the start of the 13th ‘Transat Jacques Vabre’ race takes place at the end of October.


The sea, the light and the architecture are just some of this creative, attractive and surprising city’s many trademarks. Come and celebrate this anniversary with us