Le Havre point de départ de la Transat Jacques Vabre

Nautical race "Transat Jacques Vabre"

Le Havre and coffee share a same legend...

Le Havre : le village de la Transat Jacques Vabre s'installe autour du bassin Vatine

Le Havre and coffee share a legend - the legend of trade which tempted the best sailors of their era to defy the Atlantic to bring back to Europe the beans from which this precious beverage is extracted. Classified historically amongst the major coffee ports, Le Havre relives the adventure.
Every two,years this event welcomes a prestigious population of the best skippers of open sea racing. The marine trade show is the venue chosen to announce each next edition.

From the historical docks surrounded by old warehouses, today converted into a zone for business, recreation and board sports, the greatest skippers prepare to do battle in the two-handed race which has also become a legend. Every two years, almost 350,000 visitors succumb to the temptation of this spectacular display where the proud competitors give a last wink to admiring passers-by before the sprint.

Le Havre : la Transat acques Vabre a lieu tous les deux ans
Le Havre : le spectacle offert par la Transat Jacques Vabre est apprécié de tous