Le Havre : déchargement en cours d'un porte-conteneurs

Le Havre port

Le Havre : visiter le port à bord du bateau Ville du Havre 2

Curious to explore Le Havre's busy port facilities from inside ?

Intrigued to see what Le Havre looks like from the sea ? Wild about sea fishing ?

Charles Legardien awaits you at the helm of the Ville du Havre 2 on the pontoon of the Charles Olsen jetty. Mindful of his passengers' comfort, the youthful skipper has gone to the trouble of purchasing and refitting the Corsaire des Iles, a vessel formerly used on services between St Malo and Chausey. Now suitably renamed, the Ville du Havre 2 can accommodate 145 passengers, 57 comfortably ensconced in a saloon bar with tables, 52 outside on a sheltered main deck, and 36 on the upper deck for a generous lungful of sea air.

The wide range of harbour and coastal trips offered include a tour of the port facilities past and present, including the tidal basins, the mineral and oil terminals, the famous François I lock (the biggest in Europe in its day) and the pilot, towing and mooring stations that choreograph the ceaseless ballet of oil tankers, container ships and cruise vessels.

The La Hève headland provides a unique panoramic view of Auguste Perret's post-war housing, majestic Ocean Gateway and church of St Joseph with its 107-metre spire (a handy daymark for sailors!), and the seaside resort architecture of Georges Dufayel's Nice Havrais building and Anglo-Norman villas, the Estacade des Régates immortalised by artists such as Claude Monet, Raoul Dufy and Albert Marquet - and of course, the Sugarloaf Memorial and the Notre-Dame-des-Flots chapel, with its two spikes silhouetted against the landscape of Sainte-Adresse.

Lastly, Charles offers day and half-day fishing trips for both novices and the more experienced. It won't exactly be sport fishing, but you'll be able to sample the pleasures of fishing, perfect your skills, test your patience and proudly bring back your catch - not to mention showing off your culinary talents by cooking it either grilled (the low-fat option), salt-baked (the elaborate option) or Norman-style (i.e. with cream – the fattening option!).

Charles' charming wife Elodie handles requests and bookings.

These harbour and coastal boat-trips are sure to be popular with visitors of all ages. So, all aboard the Ville du Havre 2 !


Ville du Havre 2

Port de plaisance Digue Charles Olsen
125 boulevard Clemenceau
Ph. : + 33 (0) 06 16 80 24 10