Le Havre : des événements proposés tout au long de l'année, pour petits et grands

The genius of nature



The next exhibition-event of the Museum of Natural History of Le Havre invites you to an exceptional journey in the heart of an infinite source of inspiration: our incredible nature! First news in preview: to follow! From biomimicry to interactions via animal intelligence, family models and communication modes, the exhibition invites you to discover amazing or unknown species and unknown aspects of the most publicized species. All around the world, walk in the footsteps of scientists and nature lovers through the attentive and singular eye of exceptional photographers: Christine and Michel Denis-Huot, Sabine Bernert and the Géniale Nature collective. Throughout a 500 m² course that gives pride of place to immersion and emotion mixing photographs, films, sounds and fun activities, the exhibition aims to accompany the public in the discovery of a new approach to nature and to raise awareness of the issues of its preservation. Several thousand images in the form of prints, montages, slideshows and films Stories lived in the field Naturalized specimens in dynamic staging Immersive and playful scenography A space of fun discovery of 100 m² specifically designed for the youngest program of events open to all: screenings, meetings, workshops, shows

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The genius of nature

Muséum d'histoire naturelle

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