Le Havre : des événements proposés tout au long de l'année, pour petits et grands

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All boys and girls their age ... In the secrecy of their room or the anonymity of social networks, two girls and two boys write their diary. Of different nationalities and generations, they distill their story, that of the first times and the contradictions of adolescence. The emotions are on the skin, the entry into the adult world hesitant or revolted, and writing is an ally. The music accompanies on stage the stories of each other in an offbeat and joyful musical comedy atmosphere. Fed by extracts of diaries harvested for several years from the Portuguese and Norman youth, Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata explore the territory of adolescence, as dizzying as a roller coaster. Far from clichés, they try to touch a more secret dimension of this age of life, where we can move very quickly from the very top to the bottom ... before leaving for a ride. By bringing together one of the most important Portuguese theater companies of his generation and a rock band emblematic of the country's pop culture, this show takes us to meet Portugal and its youth.

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Russian mountains

Le Volcan - Place Niemeyer

Phone : 02 35 19 10 20

Website : http://www.levolcan.com

Latitude : 49.490356 - : 0.106994