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Raoul Dufy in Le Havre



Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) was one of the major artists of the first half of the 20th century. Born in Le Havre, he is regularly celebrated as the son of the country, like other painters intrinsically linked to the city, like Eugène Boudin, Claude Monet, Othon Friesz or Georges Braque. Le Havre is the cradle of the first experiments of the artist. The port and the seaside resort have occupied a prominent place in his work and aroused a lot of reasons that he will not stop revisiting throughout his career. Le Havre is not only a city, it is also an atmosphere. Beyond the architecture of which he retains only a few elements, it is the atmosphere of the port life and this holiday resort that interest him above all: the port and its quays, the casino, the beach, as well as the continual spectacle of boats and bathers. Testifying to the work of a particularly prolific polymorphous artist, the MuMa collection retains an exceptional collection of 128 works by Dufy. This collection is mainly the legacy granted by Mrs. Dufy in 1962. This legacy is completed in 1974 by the deposit of 21 works of the National Museum of Modern Art from the same estate Dufy, as well as the filing of a new drawing in 2015. Several donations and purchases gradually come to enrich the collection, including the acquisition in 2012 of Fin de jour in Le Havre, the first work presented by Dufy at the Salon des Artistes français in 1901. The Dufy exhibition in Le Havre organized in 2019 will highlight Dufy's unyielding ties to his hometown, and show how it has nourished and inhabited his artistic career, from the earliest works executed on the port and the beach in the wake of impressionist artists, the series of black cargo ships, completed while he was living in the south of France, far from Le Havre. It will be an exceptional opportunity to discover the artist's important collection of paintings at the MuMa, complemented by numerous national and international loans from Europe and the United States. The route of the exhibition, in conjunction with that of the permanent collections of the museum, will allow to understand more broadly the artistic context in which Dufy evolved.

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Raoul Dufy in Le Havre

Muma, 2 boulevard Clemenceau

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