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Marine Nouvel « Mycellanées »



From June 15 to September 29, the young artist Marine Nouvel presents the exhibition "Mycellanées", inspired by the mysterious and organic world of mushrooms. Fresh out of art school, where she obtained her National Diploma in Fine Art in 2018, Marine Nouvel chose the Hanging Gardens for her first solo exhibition. The site resonates with her journey, guided by the themes of the plant and dance she explores through digital, video, scenography and performance. For the past two years, the artist has focused particularly on the relationship between the human body and the fungal body, that is, the fungus (fungus in Latin). At Les Jardins Suspendus, she brings together the fruit of her work under a title that sounds like a double allusion to the form and object of her presentation. The visitor discovers a story from fragmented elements, like the reader in a mycellan, a literary genre composed of various texts; the mushroom, whose buried part is called mycellium, is the essence of the creations that Marine Nouvel reveals to us. An unusual rendez-vous, between art and nature Marine Nouvel's fascination with the mushroom is born of a personal story. Sensitized about the medical transplant, the artist finds an extension in the mushroom, which can cling to a living organism and present human forms. Useful or harmful, harmless or dangerous, it is surrounded by mysteries that strongly inspire the artist. For her, it's a "strange creature". This vision joins the scientific reality! Indeed, we know from genetic research, the mushroom is neither animal nor plant, but it is alive and well. Marine Nouvel stages its colors, its forms, its smells in a graphic and botanical laboratory where sketches, vials, test tubes, jars, and even "mushroom tables" are mixed together that the public can touch. An educational exhibition and gently poetic!

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Marine Nouvel « Mycellanées »

Jardins suspendus, Rue du Fort

Website : http://esadhar.fr

Latitude : 49.503323 - : 0.094435