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Le Havre, Freemasons and the Sea- 18th, 19th Centuries



Freemasonry coming from England, developed very largely in the 18th century, thanks to a strong maritime network. The exhibition to be held in Le Havre, implemented by the Museums of Art and History, will be based on the latest research. The scientific curator will be Eric Saunier, Director of IDERM (Institute of Masonic Studies and Research), in partnership with the Museum of Freemasonry led by Pierre Mollier. In a first part, a part of the works and objects exhibited in 2015 in the exhibition Freemasons and the Sea, held in the Paris premises of the Grand Orient, will be visible again in Le Havre. In a second part, the exhibition will be an opportunity to revive collections today in private hands. These relations followed with the populations are one of the marks of the Museums of Art and History. In a third part, the exhibition will highlight the role of masonry in the War of Independence of the United States and the different stays of La Fayette in the city of Le Havre. Finally, it will be an opportunity to highlight the leading actors of the 18th and 19th century, noted for their belonging to Freemasonry: Canon Pingré, who founded the Observatoire de Paris and brought his science to the knowledge of sailors. Dignitary Grand Orient of France, he stayed in the Abbey of Graville in which the exhibition is held. This will be the best way to talk about its primary role, scientific and political, little discussed today. He was, however, for his glory, portrayed by the greatest (Caffieri); Félix Faure, who was a rough leather trader and President of the Republic. Its functions, both at regional and national level, will be analyzed by scientific tools that will open up new paths of knowledge; Edouard Corbière, father of the maritime novel and the famous man of letters Tristan Corbière. Will be presented on this occasion, a magnificent set of Masonic objects: aprons, jewelry, diplomas, swords ...

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Le Havre, Freemasons and the Sea- 18th, 19th Centuries

Abbaye de Graville, rue de l'Abbaye

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