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Six invisible hands give life to a touching puppet A little puppet-man and his magic bag go on a journey. They follow the thread of a line that may remind you of La Linea, the famous cartoon by Osvaldo Cavandoli. A capricious line, sometimes very upright and reassuring, sometimes broken and mischievous, which bends, comes alive, and gives material to a thousand adventures and encounters for our little traveler. Here, no text, everything is visually told by the manipulations, accessories, and the music and sound effects that accompany the tribulations and pirouettes of the character. Fragile is a poetic spectacle between imbalance and instability, in an unpredictable universe where every detail counts. He talks about the happiness he has won over his own limits, thanks to a universal language that will delight audiences of all ages, especially young children.

Contact and location


Le Volcan - Place Niemeyer

Phone : 02 35 19 10 20

Website : http://www.levolcan.com

Latitude : 49.490356 - : 0.106994