Le Havre : des événements proposés tout au long de l'année, pour petits et grands

Cover yourselves well



Direction: Annick Villanueva The Orchester d'Harmonie takes you on a musical journey in the heart of winter. On Mount McKinley, in the Andes Mountains or facing Everest, the highest mountain in the world, you will be amazed by the magnificent musical images on offer. You will also travel to the frozen and mysterious waters of Antarctica. But a certain lightness will not be forgotten, with the happy mood of a child, a snowy day or the success of Disney's Snow Queen. So ... cover up well! The Concert Band of the city of Le Havre By its desire to assume a rank, but also to claim a story, the Harmony Orchestra of the city of Le Havre occupies a privileged place on the Norman art scene. Consisting of students of the Honegger Conservatory - current or former - of enlightened amateurs and teachers, it also constitutes for the City an ambassador of choice. Known for his creative projects, spotted on the national scene, and encouraged by the renewed interest that composers bring him, he looks to the future with enthusiasm and optimism. The Harmony Orchestra of the City of Le Havre is worn by the Honegger Conservatory.

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Cover yourselves well

Théâtre de l'Hôtel de Ville

Website : https://thv.lehavre.fr

Latitude : 49.494164 - : 0.108595