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A summer in Le Havre 2019: Sisyphus Casemate



A hybrid work, almost alive, created in situ The Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira delivers his creations to the public as a work open to a wide range of possible interpretations, where everyone can form their own opinion. His original creation in situ at the Hanging Gardens is a hybrid work, almost alive, made of different woods. This sculpture, monumental, organic, familiar in its appearance, carries in it a form of mystery that pushes the viewer to question what he faces. As enigmatic as it is obvious, it naturally takes its place in the heart of a botanical garden dedicated to the preservation of nature. Installed in one of the alveoli of the building, it breaks with the rigorous architecture of the places, and marries the forms, the hollows and the cracks.

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A summer in Le Havre 2019: Sisyphus Casemate

Jardins suspendus, Rue du Fort

Website : https://www.uneteauhavre.fr

Latitude : 49.503323 - : 0.094435